Birthday Gift, January 3,2017

Pssst. Hey, Happy Birthday, Cory. You would be 29 today. When I was your age I was married with 3 children. You will never get to experience the challenge and beauty of marriage or being a father. But I imagine it often. You would’ve been late to the game of both such life-long commitments, I’ve no doubt, because you would’ve had to over-think the necessity…..BUT, when you finally made such commitments, even though you’d be scared and feel the tasks daunting, you would’ve been all-in and amazing. Makes me both proud and saddened to think about.
I have a present for you this birthday. A commitment I couldn’t make until now because of much over-thinking as well.
I’m scared and feel This task daunting, but I am All-In.
You did something that most would never do. You hopped on a Schwinn bike you picked up at a garage sale, $150 in your pocket, with a one man tent and a backpack. And you rode from Ohio to Arizona. You told the hospital clergy that, in retrospect, it was a “Spiritual Journey” that you felt like you “had to take”.
I was a terrified Mom. Now I’m thankful. Thankful that you did what you felt deeply called to do while you were here. Thankful that you felt that the struggles and lessons of that journey unknowingly prepared you for the Cancer journey that lied ahead. Thankful that you gave me a template to continue your footsteps and to “Pay It Forward, in some way…” for the Gift of Time you were given. Because of your words, lives have literally been saved thru Team Cory & DeleteBloodCancer (DKMS)….and I am looking forward to running & swabbing again this year at the Pig!
In late August thru September of this year, I will hop on a bike (not a schwinn and not from a garage sale and I will follow the route you took…in your memory and for others who are diagnosed with a pediatric cancer, as you were when you started your first cancer fight with Ewings Sarcoma.
I will Ride for National Pediatric Cancer, so that someday maybe other too-young lives might get more time or won’t be cut short. I know you will be with me.

Donate here to CureKidsCancer

#payingitforward #always #tenaciousfortitude #justalittlecrazy #ridingforacure#Godwilling

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