IMG_5233Sweetest thing happened today…I bought a women’s bike jersey and shorts (Need that padding!) on a used sale site today (so I don’t have to wear Dave’s when I train…plus on a budget with the crazy biking gear!) When I met the seller to buy them (almost new, one with tags on it) she insisted on giving them to me! She said, “You are riding for a cause?”….I said, “yes, how did you know?!” (because I’d never mentioned it??) Turns out they looked up my Facebook page to make sure I was a real person since I was meeting them in a parking lot, and she saw what I was riding for and wanted to donate them for my ride. Come to find she’d lost her mom (and is a young mommy herself), so it meant something to her to help out. SO KIND! Drove away all teared up, I was so touched. ❤️

Donate here to CureKidsCancer

#Godprovides #beautifulpeople


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